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Dictionary of Medieval Latin (MLW)


MLW Citation Guidelines

continuously updated (cf. Material Assembly / Reference List). Certain shorter and less profitable texts (opera minora) have not been included in the reference list but are marked when used in such way that makes them easily traceable.

The following guidelines apply to all texts:

  • For text units with less than 25 lines (chapter, documents et al.), page and line are not indicated:
    • cf. e.g. CHART. Heinr. Leon. 3.
  • With more than 25 lines, the attestation requires a page and/or a line number:
    • cf. e.g. CHART. Heinr. Leon. 2 p. 2,39, where in the specified place the form fecerit is found for the lemma facio.
  • In case, a document or an opus minus is named first in a given category, or a period of more than 400 years having elapsed between this and the preceding attestation, the date is indicated:
    • cf. e.g.  CHART. Heinr. Leon. 3 (a. 1143).

The so-called nomina sacra are written in upper case with Deus, Pater, Dominus, Filius; spiritus sanctus though is written in minuscule, also a.o. dominica for «Sunday» («Day of the Lord», although derived from dominus; then again cf. e.g. eloquium Dominicum for a word of the Lord = Christ).

Indicating the date for opera minora (which also include some few late Merovingian texts) implies: A date is always indicated,

  • if they are named first;
  • if between the opus minus and the preceding attestation a period of more than 400 years has elapsed.