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Dictionary of Medieval Latin (MLW)


FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions

Questions regarding the printed version of the MLW and questions regarding MLW digital

How can I obtain MLW in book form?

You find an overview of all MLW volumes and fascicles already published under Publications

The MLW printed version is published by C. H. Beck in Munich and can be obtained via publisher or bookstores. The publisher’s website also provides further details on prices and publication status.

How can I obtain access to MLW digital?

The MLW digital version is supposed to go online as an open source release. It is expected to be available to the public most likely in 2019, free of charge. The Kompetenzzentrum für Digitalisierung in Trier is in charge of the online access.

Where can I find the current citation format of an author/work?

The reference list, published by C. H. Beck in 1991 as second printing, will also be soon available online via MLW digital within the Dictionary Network (Wörterbuchnetz Trier). Under Material Assembly / Reference List we will provide additions and changes in PDF format for download.  

According to which system are authors and works cited in the MLW?

In the dictionary, authors and works are sorted in strict alphabetical order. This order is only interrupted by brackets summarising similar phenomena, yet within those brackets the same chronological system prevails. You find datings of authors and works in the second column of the Reference List.

How can I cite the MLW the best way?

If you would like to cite from the MLW, it would be advised to use the numbers of volume, column and page (e.g. MLW IV 883,22) indicating the headword (the example taken from our specimen article is the lemma gymnosophista). Furthermore, you may of course name the author(s) of the article. You will find their surnames in square brackets at the end of each page respectively, or at the end of an editing section (cf. our Specimen Article), the first names either in the preface of each volume, inside the front cover or on our website under Associates or former Associates.

Questions regarding MLW material not published

Which information can I obtain on published articles not included in the website?

As with all questions there is the important rule of thumb: The less often a word is attested, the higher the probability of a precise answer. It is unrealistic to find the meaning for a word at a specific place in a text, where it has many incidences: the result from this bears no relation to the effort involved since you can quite easily get the result yourself with the help of the MLW.

Which questions can be answered?

A general question like «Which meanings can the word substantia have in the MLW material?» can not be answered without a thorough reading of the complete, quite  extensive material. But if you would like to know e.g., from what point in time on or how often a word is attested in our material, we can answer your question swiftly and easily.

Since there are numerous databases, you may well use them to perform extensive researches with your computer at home. 

In case, you should like to publish research results we made available to you or which you could develop with the help of our material, it is required that you name the MLW as reference.

Can I read articles before they are published?

Should you have questions concerning a word which is currently being edited, our associates will gladly answer in the framework described above. Should the work with an article be quite progressed, you may under certain circumstances obtain an advanced version of a specific headword. Would you like to publish the information, the same applies as described above: It is required that you name the MLW as reference.

What other research opportunities do I have?

You are welcome to visit us and do your research in the MLW archive and library on site. We would appreciate your registration in advance. For contact please see here.