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Dictionary of Medieval Latin (MLW)


Access to the Online Dictionary (MLW online)

The digital MLW version considers itself as open source project. You will be rerouted for free access to the first two volumes (= letters A, B, C) as soon as you click on the screenshot above.

Database content and search criteria

The online dictionary consists of four main parts:

  • dictionary
  • preface
  • reference list
  • literature index

The surface for lemmata (headwords) includes four columns:

The first column facilitates navigation throughout the alphabet. Letters highlighted in white are already accessible. Grey highlights are not yet activated or processed.

The second column shows a scrollable, alphabetically sorted lemma list

The third column shows the lemma chosen in the second column. Two arrows allow for navigating back and forth.

The fourth column includes three search templates or view modes: here you can look at the structure (of an active article) and find references within the dictionary. If you click on it, a new pageview will open in two columns: to the left you see the reference, to the right the new article. You can search throughout the entire dictionary or for a specific lemma / headword.