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Dictionary of Medieval Latin (MLW)


Reference List

All references – shorter texts (the so-called opera minora) excluded, dispersed a.o. in the editions of  the Monumenta Germaniae Historica (MGH, online accessible via www.dmgh.de) – are compiled in the MLW reference list. Its second printing was released in 1991 by Publishers C.H. Beck and can be obtained in book stores.

An online version of the reference list is available in the digital MLW.

Updates of the reference list will be continuously published with the release of each new fascicle (on the inside of the back cover). You can also download it here.

Notes on the Reference List Online Version

The chart above shows a section of the MLW online reference list. It is structured as follows:

  • column 1: author and work title abbreviated (in this section: The beginning of the works of Albertus Magnus)
  • column 2: details regarding the author’s personal data or the dating of a work
  • column 3: resolution of abbreviations in column 1
  • column 4: bibliographical details on the editions cited in the MLW; enclosed in square brackets are older editions used in earlier fascicles/volumes not cited any longer